How to get your cards SGC Submission Ready

How to get your cards SGC Submission Ready

Once you have decided which cards you want to send for grading, you will need to put them in a penny sleeve and a semi-rigid holder. Thicker cards can be put in toploaders if they do not fit comfortably in a semi-rigid holder.

Your cards are now ready for submission. 

Once your cards arrive we will contact you to confirm we have your order.

Orders not received Submission Ready will be required to pay an additional $1 per card for processing. Payment must be made before the order is shipped to SGC.

If you need immediate assistance or have any questions, please call (636) 317-1410.

A few other things on the card information page:

Enter your card info below (pricing will automatically update):

  • Would You Like Return Shipping Insurance? ($10 per $1k and shipped via UPS)
  • Year (or best guess)
  • Card Number/ID (type n/a if none)
  • Serial # (type n/a if none)

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